Milley (Jane E.) Collection

Jane E. Milley was Dean of the College of Fine Arts at California Institute from 1989–1994. During this time, she intended to write a monograph on Leonard Stein, which was never finished. The collection contains correspondence, documents from Oral History of Arts Archive in the Library of California State University at Long Beach, and several typescripts of articles by Leonard Stein.


articles by Leonard Stein (typescripts with autograph corrections)
biography of Leonard Stein (typescript carbon copy and handwritten manuscript)
correspondence (6 items: 1975-2007) with Christian Meyer, Jane E. Milley, Clare G. Rayner, Leonard Stein
oral History interview material
Raynor materials on S. California European Emigres & biblio. of CSULB archives

articles by Leonard Stein
Expressionism in Music: Relations and Documents
Musical Tradition and Comprehension
Arnold Schoenberg: Tradition and Revolution
Ein Stelldichein: A Schoenberg Fragment

Florida State University

Collection, 1921-1947 (1 folder)

Florida State University is an American public space-grant and sea-grant research universityin Tallahassee, Florida, United States. Founded in 1851, it is located on the oldest continuous site of higher education in the state of Florida


Correspondence mainly to Auguste Leopoldine Hasterlik (1896-1984), married to Heimito von Doderer, divorced; married to publisher Ernst Kalmus, widowed. Many letters from Paul Hasterlik, who was a member of the Society for Private Performances


Auguste Leopoldine Hasterlik, Paul Hasterlik, Erwin Ratz, Heinrich Racker, Olga Novakovic, Alice Sigerist-Ott, Alexander Grünberg.

Antiquriat Inlibris (Vienna) collection

Collection, 1931-1934: 1 folder (4 leaves)


sales item descriptions for:

autograph musical quotation (1 item: 1934)

correspondence (1 item: 1931) Arnold Schönberg to Georg Wolfsohn


Arnold Schönberg (1 item: 1931)

Music cited

Op. 26

Bundesrealgymnasium Vereinsgasse (Wien) collection

Collection, 1885-1891


Excerpts vom Catalogues of "k.k. Staatsoberrealschule zu Wien, II. Bezirk" (images, lists of teachers, Schoenberg's school reports etc.)

Kunstauktionshaus Schlosser (Bamberg)

Collection, 1932-2012


auction item descriptions for:
correspondence (1 item: 1932) Arnold Schönberg with Hugo Winter


Arnold Schönberg (1 item: 1932)

University Archives (Westport, CT) collection

collection, 1946 (1 item: 3 leaves)

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signed card with music inscription from Arnold Schönberg to A. R. Davis (1946)

Wiener Männergesangsverein

Colletion: 1 folder (3 leaves)


Letters (3 items: 1922-1932) photocopies


Arnold Schönberg (1 item: 1924)
Alban Berg (1 item: 1932)
Anton Webern (1 item: 1922)

The Manuscript Society (Beverly Hills) collection

Collection, 1941-1990: 1 folder (3 leaves)

auction item descriptions for:
document (1 item: 1941)

Music Cited

Viktor Groschedl

collection, 1974 (3 items)

photographs (3 items: 1974), interment of Arnold and Gertrud Schönberg's urns on June 6, 1974 at Zentralfriedhof, Vienna